“At Ardno we breed efficient cattle for the profit driven cattleman”

Ardno Herefords strive to produce quallity cattle that are structurally sound animals that will perform under all conditions. All cattle are raised under natural conditions and fed hay with no grain or other suppliment feeds given.

Ardno Hereford Bulls are bred for Constitution, doing ability, fertility, ease of management and temperament. We will not use or sell a bull without passing semen testing for crush side and morphology. These strict guide lines ensures that a high fertility rate is maintained. We also put a huge emphasis on temprement with our strict weaning procudure.

At Ardno we have a strong focus on our female herd where we concentrate on fertility, milking ability, calving ease and temperament. All Females are classed to meet these tight specifications and we will not tolerate any animal that is uncomfortable to work with.

We pride our cattle on their doing ability and their capacity to grow out to weight, as we all know it’s the weight that pays.